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Tunng – Melkweg – 20.04.2010

Mike Lindsay of Tunng
Mike Lindsay of Tunng (image from Wikipedia)

What an enjoyable gig! Tunng delivered a really tight performance in the Melkweg last night with interesting rhythms, hummable melodies and plenty of good humour. There were six people on stage, with up to five voices blending together in harmony at times. The combination of loops and samples with two live percussionists worked really well. (Apparently they don’t often play with a drummer, but are known for using strange and varied instruments. There was some impressive bell ringing from the female vocalist here and there.)

At the moment I only have their album Good Arrows, from which they played three songs. But on the strength of last night’s performance I’ll definitely get hold of more of their music. Four stars (out of five).

(The sun is shining outside and I don’t really want to start the day on a negative note, so I won’t write about the support act, a Dutch band called Het Gloren. Let’s just say I’m glad Tunng were so entertaining.)

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