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Clouds and words

Wordle: Lyrics by EoghanI used this week for the first time. It’s great! I used it to do a quick analysis of some qualitative responses to a survey we had conducted amongst the members of the association I work for. It’s a good way of getting a quick overview trends in the text and the word clouds created look fantastic. They translate well into PowerPoint slides for the creation of funky looking presentations. It’s completely free to use and you can play around with the colours and the layout endlessly.

Out of curiosity I pasted the lyrics of a bunch of my own songs into it just now and created the cloud to the right. I used the “maximum words” setting to pare it back to the 60 most commonly used words. The biggest word is “know”….does that mean I know everything or I know nothing. Hmm…

For comparison below there’s a cloud, limited to sixty words again, made from the lyrics of one of my favourite Beatles albums, Revolver (which is not to say that I’m putting myself up there with them, of course!). – give it a try!

Wordle: Revolver

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