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22,000 happy hens

Adopteer een Kip logoThis is a nice idea from our current country of residence. Most of the “adopt a whatever” schemes trade on the warm fuzzy feeling of having something good done in your name. There’s a donkey somewhere in West Yorkshire that was adopted in Nadine’s name; I think she can go to visit it if she feels the urge, but I don’t think the conversation will be up to much. And there’s a tree somewhere in the UK that was planted in our name when we got married – I’m not sure we’d ever find it though if we felt the need to hug it.

The difference with the Adopt a Chicken scheme in the Netherlands is that you get more bang for your buck: namely 12 vouchers that can be exchanged for half a dozen fresh, guaranteed organic, free-range eggs. Mmmmmm! And of course some of the money also goes to supporting and promoting the whole idea of organic produce.

There’s an interesting graphic (below) on the scheme’s website that shows the various amounts of space that can be made available to chickens. To qualify for the highest certification they need to have at least 24m2 to run around outside, with a maximum of 6 birds per m2. Seems like a nice life. For a chicken.

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Looking forward to some tasty omelettes in the next year!

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