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Yeasayer – Melkweg – 29.10.2010

About an hour after the gig we were having a few Belgian beers outside De Zotte, a bar just around the corner from the Melkweg, when a buddy and I got chatting to a couple of American guys. One of them was the lead singer of The Suckers, the band that had supported Yeasayer earlier that evening. We were talking about this and that when the other American asked Nadine, who was sitting nearby on a bench, what she had thought of the gig:

Nadine (having recognised Mr. Suckers): “It was okay. I much preferred The Suckers. They were cool.”
Me (raising my eyebrows and pulling a funny face) : “Um…yeah but you enjoyed Yeasayer…”
Nadine: “Yeasayer were boring.”
Me (introducing the other American): “Have you met the lead singer of Yeasayer?”
Nadine: “Doh!” (or words to that effect)

The guy from The Suckers was very pleased indeed. The guy from Yeasayer didn’t seem too bothered, but it was quite amusing nonetheless. She hadn’t recognised him, whereas Mr. Suckers had an unmistakeable bushy black beard.

So was the gig boring? Well actually, yes, at times it was. I quite like the Odd Blood album and it was good to hear the songs live. The stage lighting was unusual and there was a good atmosphere in the packed venue. But somehow I found it all a bit lacking in emotion. Their music sits somewhere between indie-rock, world music and dance music, but for me it didn’t really rock, the African and Asian influences didn’t come to the fore, and only rarely did a pumping beat get the crowd going. Granted we were standing almost at the back of the room so maybe it was a bit more intense in the middle of the crowd, but it all felt a bit flat afterwards.

On the other hand, I did enjoy chatting to Mr. Yeasayer (Chris Keating) afterwards at De Zotte. He’s a friendly guy and his (great?) grandmother was from Drogheda, so he was keen to chat about Ireland, playing in Dublin, etc… And, as Nadine suggested, The Suckers probably were just about better on the night.

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