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Memory bottle

Sigg Bottle
My Sigg bottle - long may it be with me!

When Nadine and I left Geneva in May 2009 we were presented, at our going-away party, with a pair of Sigg water bottles. Both red and featuring the Swiss cross, they were an ideal memento of our time back Lac LĂ©man. But what made them particularly special was that, before giving them to us, Peter and Tonya arranged for everyone present to sign them or write a message for us. Hence we flew away the following morning with tears in our eyes, but with lots of little messages of friendship and fun on our bottles.

Mine now lives on the desk in my office at work, where I fill it (from the tap) two or three times a day. It does indeed remind me every day of the many friends we left behind us in Geneva, even though, like the memories themselves, the text of those little messages has faded gradually. Despite not being able to read them any longer – except for the ones written on the base – I know the traces of the messages, and the memories, are still present. Ah, nostalgia!

Reusable durable water bottle? Tick!
Health benefits from drinking 3+ litres of water daily? Tick!
Tap water rather than bottled water? Tick!
Old friends brought to mind now and again? Tick!

The bottom of the bottle
Scraping the bottom of the bottle

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