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New Zealand here we come…

I was saddened to see the news from Christchurch this morning where they’ve clearly got some difficult days ahead as they deal with the aftermath of a very significant earthquake. Nadine and I are due to fly to New Zealand tomorrow for a holiday that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. We had been planning to visit Christchurch in a few week’s time, but we’ll just have to wait and see what’s appropriate when the time comes. With 65 deaths reported as I type this, and probably more to come as the missing people are accounted for, it will take a long time for a small city to come to terms with the tragedy. But it may be that they start to encourage tourists to return by the time we reach that part of the country, so we’ll just play it by ear.

On a happier note, our good friends Richie and Aynsley will get married on Waiheke Island off Auckland this weekend and we’ll be there to help them celebrate. Our itinerary for the trip (albeit planned before the earthquake) looks like this:

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2 replies on “New Zealand here we come…”

Hi Eoghan and Nadine,
I missed your birthday cake Eoghan, but wish you a very happy year and a wonderfull trip to New Zealand. Horrible shots on dutch television about Christchurch, uncanny feeling to have seen the cathedral before the earthquacke. Hopefulle things go for the better and you two can find a place to stay there. Have fun with the wedding and bye from a foggy Amsterdam!

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