A good start…

There’s a saying in Irish that goes Tús maith leath na hoibre, meaning “a good start is half the work”. I went busking in the Vondelpark yesterday as a start on my Singing for the Apes effort, managing to raise about €38 in an hour. So definitely a good start, but unfortunately far from half the work, as I’m aiming to raise a total of €3,333.

Still, a sunny day in the Vondelpark, perfect acoustics under the bridge, smiling tourists wandering by, and singing songs I like to sing: it’s a very pleasant way to pass the time, so I’ll be happy to spend many more hours doing the same. I won’t raise the full amount this way – the pub gigs will help too – but I intend to spend a fair bit of time playing in the streets of Amsterdam over the summer.

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