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Thrilling trilogy

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Triology. Actually, it took me a week to read the first book and then I quickly polished off the second and third installments on a couple of long haul flights to Montreal and back. The description “page-turner” could have been invented for this series. Brilliantly believable characters populate plot lines that weave in and out in ever more complex, intriguing and exciting twists. The third book in particular, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, starts at an incredible pace and doesn’t let up until almost the final page.

As popular crime thrillers you might expect them to be a bit on the trashy side, but the writing is really very good, if not exactly what you’d describe as literary. In any case, the story pulls you along so urgently that you don’t really have time to think about the writing. (The very specific mentions of brands and products grates a bit now and then – was this product placement?!)

I knew nothing about the story lines before starting; the books came recommended by friends which was enough for me. And I recommend them to you.

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