Fête de la musique 2012

I was really pleased that my application to play at the Fête de la musique 2012 in Geneva was accepted. I played last Saturday evening on the lake stage in Parc des Cropettes. The sun shone, there were lots of familiar faces in a reasonable sized crowd, and it was really great to sing my own songs on a big stage with a professional audio set-up.

Here’s a short clip from my final song, The Night Before.

My friend Sam took this photo of his son Ara in the mosh pit.

ara and eoghan

And here’s a shot of the audience, including one-year old Aoife Foley, her mum and dad Ruth and Damian, Basak, Phil, Mairéad, Doddsie, Lynne (just!), Kaiya, Matthew, Mathias and Félix. I really appreciated the effort everyone made to come along.

Audience at FM2012 Geneva

It took a while for the crowd to build up!

big stage small crowd

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