Hipster roll on

It was 12 years ago in Limerick that Nigel Hughes suggested the idea of starting a band called Hipster. Some months and a few faltering first gigs later we recruited David Graham to bring some talent to the band and the phenomenon that is Hipster really took flight.

Travels that took us off to various different parts of the country and the world have meant that the gigs have fallen to a trickle since those heady early days playing in PJ’s of Little Catherine St on Friday nights. In the intervening years Hipster have lit up stages in Geneva, Zurs-am-Arlberg and Amsterdam…and now we’re off to Lisbon.

Thanks to Matthew McGurn – late of Amsterdam, now running The Green Room in Lisbon – for arranging a couple of nights for us in Hennessy’s Pub, which is apparently Lisbon’s biggest and best Irish drinking establishment. I’ve taken the lazy route and simply updated the 10th Anniversary poster, changing the relevant details. After all, the setlist hardly changes – why should the poster?!

(Click for the big version)

Hipster poster for Lisbon

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