We got geeks…and dolphins

Colleagues at the EBU were involved this week with RMLL 2012, a big event dedicated to the Free & Open Source Software movement hosted this year in Geneva. I performed on Monday as part of an arts festival taking place on the fringes of the event. On the suggestion of a colleague I wrote a song especially for the occasion: We Got Geeks.

(Edit 20/07/12: A few friends said the video wouldn’t play for them here, so you can also just jump straight to it on YouTube. I’ve also now done an audio recording of the song, just to have a cleaner version of it available for whoever wants it.)


As you can hear, it’s very much tongue-in-cheek, but should nonetheless be seen as a kind of tribute to the geeks of this world that make all that good open source stuff happen.

For the gig, at the Usine Kugler, I was really pleased to be joined by Mark Lawrence once again. Keeping to the spirit of the overall event, I stuck to “open source songs”, i.e. my own songs, which are licensed under Creative Commons. This means that anyone is free to copy, distribute, transmit or adapt them in any way, as long as they  attribute the songs to me, don’t distribute them on a commercial basis, and make any resulting work available under the same terms.

It gave me a real buzz to do a full hour of my own songs, something I had only done a couple of times before. Unfortunately (for various reasons) there was a very small crowd in a very big room, but Mark and I enjoyed it anyway and I think those that were there enjoyed it too. My friend and colleague Frans de Jong did a really professional job of filming and photographing bits of the gig, as you can see above and below. The sound wasn’t great, which comes through a bit on the recording too, but it’s nice to have  record of the evening.

Mark Lawrence & Eoghan O'Sullivan at Usine Kugler, Geneva 09/07/2012

It’s been a relatively busy few weeks of music for me. I sat in for Mark on his weekly gig in Paddy’s Pub in Ferney in mid-June, then had the Fête de la musique 2012 a week later. I also accompanied my colleague David Wood on a couple of tunes at his retirement party. And then, the weekend just passed, I was in Lisbon with my good friends Nigel and David, the other two thirds of Hipster. We played two nights in a lovely Irish pub called Hennessey’s, where they took great care of it.

Matthew McGurn, formerly of Molly’s in Amsterdam, set it all up for us. He’s now running The Green Room in Lisbon, a cafe/restaurant with a focus on healthy eating…which just happens to be a few doors down from Hennessy’s. Here’s a few photos from the weekend:

Hipster in Hennessy's of Lisbon 07/07/2012

It was our 12th year playing together, although the first time in 2 years, so we were a bit rusty at times. But nothing that couldn’t be papered over by ana capellathree party harmony breakdown.

Hipster and a sealion at Lisbon Zoo

I connected a friend from the EAZA days and arranged a visit to the zoo. It turned out to be a pretty special visit as we met a few of the animals up close. It was a bizarre twist to a fun weekend.

Eoghan kissing a dolphin

Hipster roll on….

Hipster in Hennessy's

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