A lovely brunch and a Perfect Christmas (ding dong ding dong)

The visit of my good friend David Graham recently coincided with one of our Third Sunday Brunches at The Clubhouse. We took the guitars with us and played a few tunes for the assembled few – it was lots of fun. Aside from our many gigs as Hipster (with Nigel Hughes), Dave and I also played as a duo many times under the name Slideshow. We played a lot of stuff from our old setlist, including the popular Crowded House song Weather With You. And we also gave a special performance of our (future) seasonal hit A Perfect Christmas.

Noble Scotsman Alan Kikuchi-White was on hand to film us with his fancy camera, while his wife Sachie edited together the best bits and put it on YouTube. Weather With You is up first and A Perfect Christmas starts at about 3’50”.

I reckon we don’t actually sound too bad, particularly given that we were out for a few beers the night before. The combo of the 12-string and the Little Martin wasn’t ideal, but it was all we had available to us that weekend.

Dave and I wrote A Perfect Christmas together back in 2006, during one of our booze’n’tunes stays at the gite in Lamastre, France. There’s a Hipster version of it from 2007, featuring all three of us available for download as an mp3. I did a solo recording of it myself a couple of years later – it’s on my SoundCloud page:

A Perfect Christmas by eoghan

Someday we hope to do a proper studio recording of this, with a full band, sleighbells, maybe even a choir. For now it’ll have to remain the cult classic that it is. Ding dong ding dong.

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