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Cali – Palladium – 14.03.2013

Unfortunately we had to leave this gig midway through the main attraction. When you tell the babysitter you’ll be back by 11:00 it’s not good form to turn up an hour later on a school night. Still, it was very lovely to be out at a gig with Nadine again – an irregular occurrence these days. It was part of the Geneva Voix de Fête 2013 festival, which took place at venues around the city.

What little we saw of Cali was pretty good. The long hair, black leather and Bono-like stage stalking didn’t really fit in with songs that are for the most part jaunty singalongs. Elle m’a dit was the only one I recognised, being the only one from his L’Amour Parfait album. But the others were in the same vein and he had no difficulty in building up a good atmosphere among the Geneva crowd.

There’s not much more to say as we caught half of his set, at most. The opening act, Féloche, was something of a poor man’s Manu Chao: samples, trumpets, mandolin and lots of jumping about in between catchy, repetitive choruses. Better than the average support act I suppose, but finished on a sour note with a dreadful version of Singing in the Rain. You could forgive the poor pronunciation – my French wouldn’t be much better – but it was pointless, added nothing to the song or the set, and poorly performed by the band.

Here’s a live version of Elle m’a dit from about ten years ago.

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