A new EP and a blue evening

I’ve just made new recordings available as an EP called Highs and Lows. The four tracks, all featuring just acoustic guitar and vocals, were recorded earlier this month at DBR Studios in Lausanne. I also took this opportunity “repackage” the songs I recorded in 2008 as a mini-album called Distance To Go. You can listen to and download both of these collections either on the Songs & Music page of this site or on my SoundCloud page.

All of this activity was timed partly to coincide with last Friday’s performance at the Usine Kugler in Geneva, where I was the support act for George Leitenberger’s GRAND HOTEL DESORIENTE at the musical evening known as SOIR BLEU. George and his wife Nadine organise these evenings occasionally, usually bringing in a featured act with George himself playing as the warm-up. This time, with George’s new band being the featured act, I was invited to play in the opening slot.

Eoghan O'Sullivan at the SOIR BLEU

It was a really lovely experience. Such a pleasure to sing my songs for an attentive audience that had gathered specifically to listen to music. I sang seven songs in all and felt that I did a pretty good job. The response was really encouraging and I hope that I’ll have a chance to play at the SOIR BLEU again sometime in future.

George Leitenberger has gathered a formidable bunch of musicians around him in his new band. Together they made a rich sound, building up atmospheric grooves that allowed the audience to float away to various parts of Europe and beyond. George leads his band with a laid-back confidence that allows each musician to find his own space to shine in the overall arrangements. And I had the pleasure of joining them for a couple of tracks as the evening came to an end.

George Leitenberger's GRAND HOTEL DESORIENTE

One other recent musical adventure involved playing with Helmut’s Hermits, a band formed especially to mark the 20th anniversary of the DVB Project, an organisation I used to work for. My colleague and friend David Wood wrote an amusing blues parody and invited me to join him and a number of others to perform it at the party in Amsterdam. As you can see below, we looked like we knew what we were doing at least… as for how we sounded, well that’s perhaps best left to the imagination.

Helmut's Hermits

(L-R) Helmut Stein, Bram Tullemans, David Wood, George Jarrett & Eoghan O’Sullivan

Helmut's Hermits

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