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One of the four songs I recorded earlier this month – called If I Take You – has quite a nice back story to it. About 18 months ago my good friend (and self-appointed Number One Fan) Mairéad Maguire asked whether I’d be willing to write a song for her wedding, which was then over a year away. She had told fiancé Phil that she would take care of finding a song to which she could walk up the aisle.

I was keen to take on the challenge, but couldn’t guarantee that I’d succeed or, indeed, that Mairéad would like what I would come up with. She reassured me that she had a fallback option, so there was no pressure. As it happened, I did in the end come up with a song I was happy with – and, more importantly, that she was happy with.

I sang it on the big day in Dublin, as she was accompanied down the aisle by her dad. I think it went down well; Mairéad and Phil were certainly happy and I got some nice feedback from others too. I also sang/played the other songs they had chosen together for the ceremony. It was an eclectic selection that took in the Cowboy Junkies, the Saw Doctors and a Eurovision Song Contest winner!

If I Take You was one of four songs I recorded earlier this month. I decided to package them together as an EP called Highs and Lows, inspired by the line in the chorus of If I Take You. It also includes the songs Aynsley (I never meant to make you cry), Have No Regrets, and Half-Hearted Love Affair.

Eoghan at Mairéad and Phil's wedding

Rehearsing before the wedding.

Phil & Mairéad

The (very) happy couple.

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If I recall correctly the song is called (officially) “If I take you (for Mairéad and Phil)” ;0)

Quite chuffed that our wedding merited someone else writing a blog entry about it. Also glad to see that I’m not alone in the walking up/down aisle confusion!

Seriously though, Eoghan, you know we can never thank you enough for your contribution to our wedding day… See you in Geneva on 13 AND 14 all going well.


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