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Sidewards and upwards

This week I signed the contract for a new job. This means that just under two and a half years after returning to work at the EBU I’ll be on the move again. As of April I will be the Alumni & Development Officer for the Ecole Internationale de Genève – or Ecolint, as it’s more commonly known.

The start of this new professional challenge, to further develop and strengthen the Ecolint alumni network, coincides with a new personal challenge too. All going well Nadine will give birth to another little baby boy in early April. An exciting springtime ahead. (More on that in due course…)

Many of my colleagues at the EBU were quite surprised to hear that I would be leaving. I explained that I decided to be proactive about finding something new to place myself in a more interesting position for the future. The EBU is a great place to work and I’ve been lucky in both of my stints there to work alongside some highly talented people, many of whom have become good friends.

People don’t often leave the EBU by choice*, and even fewer leave the Technology & Innovation Department, where I currently work in a communications role. But in my case I felt I wouldn’t find the kind of opportunities to keep me stimulated and allow me to develop in the years ahead. So rather than trying to climb a ladder, it’s a sideways move to freshen things up in the short term and hopefully open some interesting avenues down the track.

I’m enthusiastic and even a little nervous about this new challenge. Ecolint has a long and proud history with an extensive alumni network that stretches around the world. Later this year it will begin a year of celebrations for its 90th anniversary. There’s huge potential to build an active and engaged community of past pupils, but it will take patience, time, creativity, imagination and plenty of hard work. Bring it on!

(As I typed this post I was reminded of a little animation I posted here a few years ago…)

*It’s actually the second time I’ve left the EBU, as I was employed there when working for the DVB Project in Geneva from 2004 for five years. When we moved to Amsterdam in 2009 I really didn’t expect to return to Geneva; but we did, and I was very glad that the opportunity to return to the EBU came along at that stage. But as I head into my eighth year on those corridors, it’s time to move on.

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