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A living statue actually worth seeing

Having lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years and witnessed the influx of really bad “living statues” on Dam Square, I’ve grown to dislike this form of street theatre greatly. (It annoys me even thinking about those con artists in Amsterdam. I know people are desperate sometimes, but they made life very difficult for legitimate artists.) So when I headed downtown in Geneva at lunchtime on Thursday and saw a gold-suited, gold-painted guy limbering up on his plinth on Place du Molard I tutted to myself and quickly moved on.

It was only when I passed by again a little later that I realised this guy was a bit different.

Living statue, Place du Molard, Geneva 24 July 2014

I’m still not sure whether he was somehow fixed to the plinth or just had incredibly strong calf muscles. Either way, he deservedly gathered a little crowd. I’m always happy to throw a few coins in the hat for good street artists, but it’s a very long time since I did so for one of these living statue merchants.

Writing about this subject reminds me of a video that amused me greatly a few years ago. This prank took advantage of the big scene in Barcelona for this kind of street theatre. Enjoy.

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