Crilly goes to Rio

My good friend Alan McCafferty, who I first met 20 years ago (eek!) at Dublin City University where we were both studying Communication Studies, has always been something of a wordsmith. He got in touch earlier this week to ask whether I’d be able to quickly record some lyrics he’d written, inspired by Christy Moore’s famous Joxer goes to Stuttgart (my favourite line of which is “When the cock crew in the morning, it crew both loud and shrill, Joxer woke up in his sleeping bag many miles from Arbour Hill”).

It was to serve as a wrap-up to an epic World Cup prediction competition he ran where he works – there’s a bit more background on their blog here. The lyrics are a bit specific to some of his colleagues in places, but anyone familiar with the original and the Bishop Brennan episode of Father Ted should enjoy the Craggy Island twist.

The lyrics are clever and funny, to the extent that I don’t think it does any injustice to Christy’s original. Think of it as an hommage if you will.  It only took twenty years for Alan and I to collaborate on a musical project…hopefully it won’t take so long the next time.

(Link to Soundcloud in case the embed doesn’t work in your browser.)

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