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It snowed a lot here last weekend. I don’t recall ever seeing so much snow down at the level of Lake Geneva (or Lac LĂ©man, to use its official name), with the possible exception of one year around 2006 or so when Geneva itself froze up for a week. In our village of Vich, just above the lakeside towns of Nyon and Gland, we had 20 to 30cm of snow fall throughout last weekend, with more falling on Monday.


Robert (now 3 and a half) and I rushed out to the back garden for some snowman action on the Saturday morning, but the snow just wouldn’t clump together. It was probably too cold. We made do with some sledging beside the village school. The following day, however, with slightly higher temperatures and a fresh dump of powdery snow, delivered perfect conditions for the building of snowfolk, hence our little snow family above.


I took another photo before heading to work on Monday morning. “Nadine” had toppled over and my own likeness was looking a bit wobbly too. All facial features had either fallen off or were covered by the previous night’s fresh fall.


Today, one week later, the aforementioned wobbly me remains standing at a gravity-defying angle, and Declan’s minimalist facial features have revealed themselves again as some of snow dropped away. (The carrots were cooked eaten last weekend!)

Temperatures barely rose above zero all week and a bitterly cold bise has been making it rather unpleasant to venture outside for the last couple of days. Let’s see how much longer our little snow family struggles on.

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