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I decided to give my website a fresh lick of paint recently in the form of a new WordPress theme that’s optimized for musicians. I guess the most notable feature is the nifty music player that sits at the bottom of all pages. What’s really nice is that it will keep playing as you click through to different parts of the site, and if you’re on the Listen page you can send different tracks and playlists to it.

I’ve also recently made my recorded music available in just about every online music store, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, and so on. It makes it a little easier for people to find my songs, if they should choose to go looking for them. (Go on…fire one of them up and search for me!) The two collections that I recorded in studios are available, along with the live recording from Le Box in Carouge. And I have another project cooking that should hopefully result in an even more polished set of recordings sometime next year. Watch this space!

(The service I used to get my music into the stores, DistroKid, is pretty amazing. For just $20 per year, musicians can quickly and easily upload their tracks to every major streaming and download service. There’s no limit to the number of releases per year, and the musician keeps 100% of the royalties (which isn’t the case for similar services that existed before DistroKid came along).)

The blog posts I’ve published on this site over the last seven years are all still available, but I’ve carved them up so that the posts about my own musical activities are all kept together, as are posts about music by others. I probably won’t be adding to the Not Music posts again, since I already struggly to keep THAT COMMS BLOG updated with content!

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