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I wrote previously about how I came to write the song Moi Aussi. I sang it live at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern on St. Patrick’s Day, a performance which served as the basis for the video below. The video was published to mark World Down Syndrome Day 2018 on 21 March. As I type this, the Facebook post of the video is showing more than 25,000 plays and 500 shares.

Rehearsing and recording the song with everyone that came along on the day was a truly wonderful experience. There was so much warmth and love in the air, along with genuine enthusiasm and emotion. You can see the happy faces in the video – it makes me smile every time.

Laura, the driving force behind the Moi Aussi foundation, has all sorts of plans for the song and the foundation. Watch this space!

[UPDATE August 2020: The Papas recorded a version of Moi Aussi in 2019; and there’s a new project in the pipeline to create a version especially to allow schoolchildren to learn the song.]

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Cette chanson me touche telement faite avec des mots très simple mais qui on tout leur sense

What a beautiful song !
You said a lot with only a few words.
Thank you!

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