Me and the BatKa at the Fête de la musique

I played in Nyon last Saturday as part of the 2018 Fête de la musique. It was the first performance (of many, hopefully!) for which I was joined by Olivier Gauthey, a super-talented percussionist and drummer based just down the road in Gland. (He also teaches drumming at his studio, Go’n’play.)

I sang nine of my own songs, including a new one called Sleepwalking. It was a real boost having Olivier there to fill out the sound. He played a new drum that he has invented himself, the BatKa. It’s inspired by the cajón drum, but is played with sticks. (BatKa=batterie+kahoon…) It’ll be going on sale very soon.

Thanks to David Wood for shooting some video and to Neil Dodd for the great photos.

Twas a perfect day for it: blue skies and bright sunshine but with a slight breeze to prevent overheating. Lovely to see lots of friends and familiar faces in the crowd.

A video of the first song, I’ll be around.

Olivier had approached me a couple of weeks before, having seen my play at our local fête du village. He was keen to collaborate, so I suggested that we start right away. We managed one rehearsal ahead of the Nyon date.

The second song, It might be better.

The BatKa – coming to a musical instrument retailer near you!

My Silver Son.

The big finish!


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