A Fête to remember

The Papas were selected for the Fête de la musique in both Nyon and Geneva this year. We played a 45 minute early evening set in Nyon on Saturday and a full hour on Sunday afternoon next to the cathedral in Geneva. This was our view from the stage in Geneva…

Both sets went well, but Geneva was really special: great location, perfect stage and a big audience who were interested in listening to our songs. (There was a nice and receptive crowd in Nyon too, of course, but the location felt like more of a crossroads than a destination, if you know what I mean.)

While we’ve been doing mostly covers for our monthly Mulligans sessions, we performed only my songs for the Fête, including three that I had just finished the week before. It was a wonderful experience. I’m still buzzing now, a few days after.

This little video features short-ish clips from four songs. They were shot in Geneva on a smartphone (thanks Nadine!)

Our setlist (in Geneva) was as follows:

  1. Sleepwalking
  2. It Might Be Better
  3. Fuss About the Fossa
  4. Go in Peace
  5. My Silver Son
  6. Moi Aussi
  7. Wiser Heads (The Ballad of Dave & Gina)
  8. Backpedal
  9. Long Distance Kiss
  10. First in my Eyes
  11. I’ll Be Around
  12. Mixtape
  13. The Night Before

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