The Moi Aussi video

I wrote previously about how I came to write the song Moi Aussi. I sang it live at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern on St. Patrick’s Day, a performance which served as the basis for the video below. The video was published to mark World Down Syndrome Day 2018 on 21 March. As I…Continue readingThe Moi Aussi video

Ma première chanson en français

Update March 2021: A new video for WDSD21: – and those who’d like to learn or teach the song can find resources here. My friend Ruth asked a couple of months ago whether I might be willing to see if I could come up with a new song for the opening ceremony – or…Continue readingMa première chanson en français

Now singing at a digital retailer near you

I decided to give my website a fresh lick of paint recently in the form of a new WordPress theme that’s optimized for musicians. I guess the most notable feature is the nifty music player that sits at the bottom of all pages. What’s really nice is that it will keep playing as you click…Continue readingNow singing at a digital retailer near you

Band of Horses – Les Docks – 29.08.2017

I really enjoyed this one. The lead singer, who seems like a warm and friendly fellow, has a sweet and husky tenor voice full of character. It works really well with their emotional and catchy indie-pop ballads. Naturally the older songs that I knew best were my favourite bits, but even the newer material came…Continue readingBand of Horses – Les Docks – 29.08.2017

Flogging Molly – Les Docks – 05.07.2017

A strange experience for me, to see a room full of people who were VERY into Flogging Molly’s Irish punk-pop-folk-rock, while it didn’t really click with me at all. I had the feeling lead singer Dave King and I were the only two Irish people in the room, but there were definitely lots of fans…Continue readingFlogging Molly – Les Docks – 05.07.2017

His name is Luka

Luka Bloom performed for GLAS at the Collège des Coudriers in Geneva last Saturday and I had the honour of being his opening act. To sing my own songs for a crowd of around 250 – including many, many friends – while a musician of Luka Bloom’s stature waited in the wings was an exhilarating experience. My…Continue readingHis name is Luka

The one where forty-three different people performed on stage in Mulligans over the course of a single evening

I turned forty last month. My birthday fell while we were visiting my extended family in Ireland, so it was lovely to catch up with my three sisters (with “middle Meave” putting in a surprise appearance all the way from Singapore), my parents and a plethora of nieces and nephews. The big celebration was back…Continue readingThe one where forty-three different people performed on stage in Mulligans over the course of a single evening

Lisa Hannigan – Alhambra – 10.02.2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since I saw Lisa Hannigan playing in Lausanne. That gig was in a much smaller, more intimate venue, which is one reason I enjoyed it more than last night’s Antigel date in Geneva. But I think it was also because I have been finding it…Continue readingLisa Hannigan – Alhambra – 10.02.2017

Cover Me, Cover You

I was thinking a while back about how much I’ve enjoyed those few times I’ve heard other people singing songs that I wrote. That train of thought prompted me to kick off a discussion on the WeAreTheMusicMakers (WATMM) subreddit, where it became clear there would be interest in an initiative where songwriters would agree to…Continue readingCover Me, Cover You

A song for Robert

My Silver Son is a song I wrote for my second son Declan, just before he turned two. I finally managed, a couple of months ago, to write one for my first son Robert. First In My Eyes is a song about being a father, making the most of the time we have with our kids,…Continue readingA song for Robert