Band of Horses – Les Docks – 29.08.2017

I really enjoyed this one. The lead singer, who seems like a warm and friendly fellow, has a sweet and husky tenor voice full of character. It works really well with their emotional and catchy indie-pop ballads. Naturally the older songs that I knew best were my favourite bits, but even the newer material came…Continue readingBand of Horses – Les Docks – 29.08.2017

Flogging Molly – Les Docks – 05.07.2017

A strange experience for me, to see a room full of people who were VERY into Flogging Molly’s Irish punk-pop-folk-rock, while it didn’t really click with me at all. I had the feeling lead singer Dave King and I were the only two Irish people in the room, but there were definitely lots of fans…Continue readingFlogging Molly – Les Docks – 05.07.2017

Lisa Hannigan – Alhambra – 10.02.2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since I saw Lisa Hannigan playing in Lausanne. That gig was in a much smaller, more intimate venue, which is one reason I enjoyed it more than last night’s Antigel date in Geneva. But I think it was also because I have been finding it…Continue readingLisa Hannigan – Alhambra – 10.02.2017

JVAL Openair – Begnins – 27.08.2016

Fùgù Mango saved my evening. The most remarkable thing about the JVAL Openair festival is its setting. The stage is set up in the front yard of a large farmhouse in the foothills of the Jura, entirely surrounded by vineyards that roll down to the shores of Lake Geneva, with the Alps looming up on…Continue readingJVAL Openair – Begnins – 27.08.2016

Ben Folds & yMusic – Sage Gateshead – 18.06.2016

We left the kids with Nadine’s parents in Leeds last Saturday night and took the train up to Newcastle where we met up with David (of Mulled fame) to catch Ben Folds in concert. I had seen him live twice previously and was blown away each time. Both occasions were before I started writing about…Continue readingBen Folds & yMusic – Sage Gateshead – 18.06.2016

The Dude Street Top 5 (a Frozen-free zone)

(Does this post verge on me bragging about my kids having excellent taste in music? Yes it does. Is that so wrong? Probably. Do I care? No!) Here’s a playlist to listen to while you’re reading this. We have music playing in the house constantly. Sometimes we just let the player (a now slightly dated…Continue readingThe Dude Street Top 5 (a Frozen-free zone)

The Libertines – Salle des fêtes de Thônex – 23.03.2016

This Libertines performance was raucous (but not as raucous as I expected), messy (but not as messy as I expected)  and a bit of a shambles at times (but not as shambolic as I expected).  That said, every now and then – and just often enough to hold my interest – their magical melodies shone…Continue readingThe Libertines – Salle des fêtes de Thônex – 23.03.2016

Shearwater – Nouveau Monde – 28.02.2016

Fribourg’s Nouveau Monde is a very cool venue. The building is the town’s old railway station, with the bar in the main hall and the music venue in one of the wings. The room is a nice size, fitting only a few hundred people. There was a decent crowd for Shearwater, but it was far…Continue readingShearwater – Nouveau Monde – 28.02.2016

Lynched – Eglise Catholique de Bernex – 12.02.2016

Three gigs in just over a week: I’m a lucky man! Having seen The Tallest Man on Earth in the city centre the night before, last night’s Lynched concert involved a trek out to the commune of Bernex where the local Catholic church was the venue. (Antigel makes a virtue of using unusual venues throughout…Continue readingLynched – Eglise Catholique de Bernex – 12.02.2016

The Tallest Man on Earth – Alhambra – 11.02.2016

I had seen Kristian Matsson live twice before, both times in Amsterdam and both times solo. This full band gig was part of the wonderful and eclectic Antigel festival and took place in Geneva’s recently refurbished Alhambra. The venue is lovely: great acoustics and comfortable seats, although the lines of sight aren’t great from the…Continue readingThe Tallest Man on Earth – Alhambra – 11.02.2016