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Can’t find the right font? Flipping typical

Making posters, flyers, handouts and the like it’s sometimes hard to decide on which font(s) to use and can be tedious to click through each font available, which is where flipping typical comes in. It shows you a random selection of the fonts on your PC, initially showing how each looks with the words “Flipping Typical”. You can change the sample text and also show them in bold or italics.

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2 replies on “Can’t find the right font? Flipping typical”

Hey, glad I decided to do a random visit to your MySpace page in search of the new song you sang last week… I like the content here. Is there an option to subscribe to your blog (I follow a couple of WordPress blogs – I find it’s easier to be notified by e-mail than actually use my brain to remember to check!!)

Hi M.

Glad you like the new set-up. Not sure how it’s going to pan out, but let’s see.

There’s definitely an RSS feed you can subscribe to…not sure about email. I need to explore a bit more.


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