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Sculpture in the streets of Amstedam Zuid

We cycled down to the south of the city today to have a look at the ArtZuid Sculpture Route, a collection of almost 60 works of sculpture dotted along the grassy medians of Apollolaan and Minervalaan. It was really nice to see works that are usually to be found in museums and galleries on display in the open air and free for all to view.

They’ll be in place until August 28th – worth a visit on a sunny afternoon.

Et tu, Duchamp
Et tu, Duchamp by Subodh Gupta
CosmoGolem by Koen Vanmechelen
L'Oiseau magique
L'Oiseau Magique by Corneille
Flowers that bloom tomorrow
Flowers that bloom tomorrow by Yayoi Kusama
The Happy Prince
The Happy Prince by Ryan Gander
Trees on Apollolaan
Trees on Apollolaan with Terroir by Frederic Beaufils just visible in the distance
Heureka by Jean Tinguely (comes to life every hour for five minutes)
Space Elephant
Space Elephant by Salvador DalĂ­
Searching for Utopia
Searching for Utopia by Jan Fabre

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