Back in the saddle again

Thanks to my fellow Geneva expat musician Mark Lawrence I’ve had the opportunity to sing again over the last couple of weeks. Mark plays every Monday night at Paddy’s Pub in Ferney, just across the French border on the north side of Geneva. It’s a nice gig: early start and early finish with a warm and appreciative bunch of regulars who are there to listen to music…and sing along when the mood takes them.

I filled in for Mark over the last two Mondays. It was the first time for me to play in Paddy’s and also the first time to do full gigs with a bassist. Brian McElligott, who often backs up Mark at this gig, was great. On the stuff he knew already he played some top notch basslines (and sometimes vocal harmonies too), and on songs that were new to him he just followed along, adding that extra lift that comes with having a second musician on the stage.

It was the first time for me to sing (in public) since Robert’s birth. I was a bit rusty for sure, but it was really nice to be singing again. Every song felt fresh to me, which isn’t always the case when you’re playing more often. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to sub for Mark again in Paddy’s over the year ahead. The first year of fatherhood doesn’t provide much free time so it’s nice when suitable opportunities to play come up.

Brian the bassist also introduced me to a pretty cool YouTube channel: KinkRadio, from an Oregon based radio station. Here are just two examples of the kind of stuff you can find there: James Mercer doing a solo acoustic version of a track from the forthcoming Shins album and Blind Pilot doing the title track from We Are The Tide. Thanks Brian!

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Nice blog
I like your music and if you ever perform in Paris I’ll come and sing along (or try hard not to) 🙂

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