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I grew potatoes for the first time this year. It wasn’t difficult at all: drilled drainage holes in the bottom of a rubbish bin, added a layer of big stones, some soil, and three chitted potatoes. They grew really quickly and it was just a case of adding another layer of soil every week or so.


I’ll have to admit that I was expecting to have a bigger harvest, but it’s not bad for a first attempt.


We also tried to get a veggie garden up and running, with mixed success so far. We followed the advice from a great book, called Square Metre Gardening, that makes it almost foolproof.  That huge plant sprawling halfway across the garden will hopefully soon give birth to some pumpkins.


The big tomatoes are taking their time with ripening.


The cherry tomatoes are really tasty.


We managed to get a decent crop of little courgettes from a potted plant, and there are a couple of little aubergines developing nicely in the raised bed.


Not bad for a first effort. But we’ll be hoping for more in 2014.


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