Can’t find the right font? Flipping typical

Making posters, flyers, handouts and the like it’s sometimes hard to decide on which font(s) to use and can be tedious to click through each font available, which is where flipping typical comes in. It shows you a random selection of the fonts on your PC, initially showing how each looks with the words “Flipping…Continue readingCan’t find the right font? Flipping typical


Don’t you just hate it when you forget to attach something you said was attached? In this case the email, from my work account using Outlook, included the words “happy to provide the attached PDF version“. Would it be so hard for Microsoft to include a little tool that detects the words “attachment”, “attached”, etc……Continue readingD’oh!

The myth of the page fold

One of the interesting debates in web design is how people find the information they’re looking for on a page or within a site. There’s a school of thought that says people don’t like to scroll vertically down a page – the problem is this limits the amount of content you can fit on each…Continue readingThe myth of the page fold

Browser-based photo and image editing

Pixlr is a cool little tool for quick edits to images. If you want to quickly crop, resize or touch up an image, it’s really easy to use. Obviously not as powerful as Photoshop, but it’s entirely web-based and free-of-charge. Try it…Continue readingBrowser-based photo and image editing

Life and music

An audio recording of philosopher Alan Watts set to an animation by the South Park guys. Treat life like a piece of music – make sure you sing along or dance while the music is playing; don’t just wait for the end. I think I found this via Reddit, posted on a blog called Penguin…Continue readingLife and music

Oh boy, oh boy

For the day that’s in it…Continue readingOh boy, oh boy

Snake oil or worth it?

Its creators have collated and cleverly displayed the results of large human blind placebo-controlled trials to test the efficacy of things like Folic Acid for certain birth defects (worth it!) or royal jelly for general health benefits (not worth it!). The “Worth It Line” gives a fairly clear cut guide to what supplements are worth taking.Continue readingSnake oil or worth it?